Sabotage of the USS Scorpion


In 1968, during the heart of the Cold War, the USS Scorpion (SSN 589) sank in a sea of mystery.

For years, the United States government covered up the truth behind the Scorpion’s fate. Was it faulty maintenance and neglect? A malfunctioning torpedo explosion? Or something more sinister? The official record fails to truthfully answer these questions and fails to prove why the ship was traveling in the opposite direction from its intended course at the time of its sinking.

Classified records obtained by Escape Helena prove that Soviet operatives had infiltrated the USS Scorpion in an attempt to steal the submarine. Ultimately, their attempt to seize control ended in failure, but, before they were caught, the Soviets sabotaged the ship in a last act of desperation…

In Sabotage of the USS Scorpion, travel back to those fateful moments. Can you stop the saboteurs’ plans and save the boat before you are lost to the depths?

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60 minutes