Mission: Rogue Escape


After a failed surveillance mission in Prague, you and your team are on an unsanctioned mission looking for answers. Someone has been eliminating operatives within the Agency and has framed you for their deaths, a member of your team is missing, and you’ve been disavowed by the Agency.

Now, you and your group of rogue agents have enlisted the help of Agent Smith, the only operative within the Agency who is convinced of your innocence. Smith has brought you to a safe house, which is believed to be the real mole’s last known location, and where he may have left behind evidence of his deception. The Agency is rapidly closing in and is intent on resolving the situation by any means necessary. This is your one and only chance to reveal the truth.

Can you find the evidence that exposes the mole and proves your innocence to complete Mission: Rogue Escape?



60 minutes